J+B Model

J+B vs. Top Ad Agencies

The Best Local, Regional and National Agency. Period.

Imagine not having to speak with multiple firms from each of the separate marketing silos (Marketing Strategy, Media Planning & Buying, Marketing Research) and being able to focus on what you do best.

  • + Imagine a global agency that has your most important ROI-focused
       campaign initiatives in mind while not being tied to any
       individual marketing silos or media segments
  • + Imagine a single line of 24/7 communication between yourself and
       a client relations manager at J+B North America who keeps you
       involved and educated through every stage of the campaign
  • + Imagine the media cost savings from a global agency able to leverage its
       unmatched purchasing power for your brand's maximum budget savings

Now, you don't have to imagine any of these things.

Welcome to a visionary model for brand-agency communications.
J+B Model