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  Jeely + Bleiler, LLC, Advertising Agencies & Counselors, Atlanta, GA  

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J+B North America's digital media expertise will enable your brand to engage in a conversational experience that many others have already learned and are taking heavy advantage of. Unilateral communication from brand-to-consumer is no longer the norm as digital platforms now make it easier than ever to listen to what your audience is saying in return. Literally.

Through our team of digital strategists, Jeely+Bleiler develops and executes custom digital media plans that allow for communications and measurements in ways once only dreamed of. Here are a few of the digital segments that exist inside our agency's rapidly growing sandbox:

  • + Web Marketing - rich media, banner ads, and other traditional
       online ad units
  • + Search Engine Marketing - PPC marketing, link building, and custom
       calls-to-action through multiple search engines
  • + Mobile Marketing - opt-in databases, auto-texting,
       location-based strategies
  • + Email Marketing - traditional banners and rich content delivered to
       highly targeted audience niches
  • + Social Media - community building, 2-way conversations, viral brand
       presence boosting