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Knowing how to pair traditional media platforms with new, rapidly evolving ones only comes with utmost experience and an ongoing devotion to education that never sleeps. Jeely+Bleiler's progressively-minded staff have the savvy and relationships to capitalize on each of the rapidly evolving traditional platforms in more advanced ways than many other national agencies would consider.

  • + Television - from national broadcast and regional cable to direct
       response and interactive tv
  • + Radio - from network, spot, and local to satellite and internet radio
  • + Print - from local/national magazines and newspapers to custom inserts
       and supplements
  • + Outdoor - from bus wraps and taxi cab tops to digital displays and
       traditional billboards

Times may have changed but each of these 'traditional' media staples remain in Jeely+Bleiler's sandbox as a strong component of our client's continually-evolving marketing campaigns.